CHUTE IN-FEED & OUT-FEED LINERS The combination of impact and SURGE BINS & LINERS The integrity of your surge bins drives material efficiency and safety by keeping material in the process and off the plant floor. Using Tri-Braze steel in your surge bins and liners extends their lifespan and ensures that your bark makes it to the boiler instead of your maintenance crew’s shovels. abrasion from truck or loader dumps into your primary crushing systems presents a unique and challenging environment that is perfect for a Tri- Braze solution. No other wear steel is built to handle this level of impact without cracking, while maintaining the hardness to stay in service for extended periods between maintenance cycles.

HOPPERS & LINERS Hoppers and chutes are subject to heavy impact from falling loads in addition to compression and abrasion in transition points and hopper exits. By analyzing the wear patterns and loads in each area, Tricon can customize a Tri-Braze and Super-C liner package to maximize the life of your hoppers.

TRUNNION LINERS Protect the inside of your trunnion from abrasive action with Tricon trunnion liners. Our liners are made using Tri-Braze or Super-C abrasion-resistant steel for the longest life and superior wear resistance.



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