STRONGEST, TOUGHEST, & MOST MACHINABLE BAR Triloy is a quenched and tempered, machine- straightened, stress-relieved, and demagnetized alloy bar, widely becoming one of the most utilized alloy steel shafting materials in the industry. Our exclusive composition, special processing, and manufacturing controls ensure that you receive the strongest, most fatigue-resistant and machinable shafting bar available on the market. Triloy is based on an AISI 4340 Ni-Cr-Mo chemistry. Impact and fatigue resistance are enhanced by chemistry control and the removal of harmful sulfur and phosphorus. The bars are stress relieved after straightening to avoid “shape bounce back” when machining. Each bar is demagnetized to ensure no pickup of metallic dust to ruin bearing surfaces. APPLICATIONS Applications include arbors, axles, armature shafts, baling press columns, bushings, chain pins, drive shafts and gears, hammer mill shafts, hydropulper shafts, screw shafts, mandrels, pinions, pistons and push rods, track pins, and spindles.

MACHINING Special treatment allows 20- 40% faster cutting speeds and increases carbide life when compared to conventional 4340 bar.

STRENGTH High strength and hardness levels enable you to minimize shafting diameter for your application.

STRESS RELIEF Post-production stress relief minimizes distortion during machining.

BEARING/SHAFT LIFE Demagnetized to eliminate chip/dust pick-up in service, increasing bearing and shaft life.

INVENTORY Sizes available up to 24' and diameters available from 3/4" up to 18".

SERVICE LIFE Improved fatigue properties provide longer service life.


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